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Black Owl Network appreciates the service of those in blue (green & tan too).   Besides the regular offerings, retired LEOs can qualify annually for their HR218 Cards.   Because of the LEO Safety Act of 2004 and HR218, retired LEOs can qualify to carry their firearms almost everywhere in the US.  Most South Florida agencies aren't offering those qualifications.  We do... Inquire to learn about our blue family pricing!

NEW: Your HR218 now meets training requirement for G License renewal. Call me to learn more.

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CCW - Basic

Basic Firearms Safety and Handling - meets the Florida Department of Agriculture's requirements for Carrying a Concealed Weapons permit and more...  During our CCW course, we offer instruction not only on the state requirements but a review of holsters, carrying methods and self awareness.


Firearms Training

If you're looking for a basic handgun course, marksmanship improvement or advanced concealed carry; look no further.  Introductory, intermediate and advanced levels are welcome.  Our instructors will mentor you to set and achieve realistic goals in your training course.  Two, four and eight hour programs are available.

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Self Awareness & Self Defense

Whether you are interested in learning how to identify and react to dangerous threats, carrying less lethal weapons (ie pepper spray, electric weapons or other products), women's self-defense training or other personal safety instruction... we have the right instructors available to meet your needs.


Take one course or a series of courses.  Our programs can be tailored to your skill level, availability, learning style and interest.

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